"The Slumdog Millionaire" 

The Slumdog is the primary shop car, built with many great components from Advanced Clutch Technology, AEM Performance Electronics, ASF Machine and Metro Performance of Socal. With nearly every part of the car replaced with aftermarket components for competition in the Unlimited Class of Gridlife Time Attack this baby flies around the track! 


Tyler Witte: "Gymkhana"

Tyler Originally approached us in need of an engine for his Impreza coupe, after going through several engines supplied from other shops. We finished his sleeved 2.5l and were finally able to get him what he needed, a reliable powerful engine!


Chris Bickford "The Panda Express"

Chris came to us seeking some advice on how we setup our road course car to see if he could make some adjustments to his car and make it faster in autox. We convinced him to simply give time attack a shot and the rest is history! Since then we have been attending events together with Mechanical Advantage helping with his car and Bickford Racing helping us with marketing and media!

Grant Walker "The Thunder Goose"

Grant Stepped onto the team to help support "The Slumdog" throughout the 2017 racing season. With his help and dedication he found himself wanting to run his own car. With the help of the team and his drive to push his Miata to the next level, the "Thunder Goose" Build had begun.