Chris Bickford

Chris Bickford Racing started with a simple idea. Take his favorite car, and make it the best that it can be. He started his path back in college where his friend convinced him to autocross his 2G Eclipse, from there his racing career had begun. He started by saving up for an Evo X that very same day. A few months later he picked up the Evo and began building the car to be nationally competitive in SCCA Autocross in the ASP class where he competed almost 2 years with that setup. Then through racing, he networked with Mechanical Advantage and was introduced to time attack racing. He immediately fell in love with the sport and found what his car was truly meant to do. After his first event with Gridlife the car began its transformation into what it is today. With aero on the front and rear, big turbo set up, upgraded brakes, and a whole lot of driver-mod. There are many more changes to come and many more challenges to conquer but Mechanical Advantage will be there with him at every event to help bring him to the next level!